dimanche 14 mars 2010

Disrupt to Succeed - Forbes - Adam Hartung explains how we were taught not to innovate

Adam Hartung's post Disrupt to Succeed - Forbes worths reading as it gives clues to understand how people are taught not to innovate, not to disrupt ! And it starts from their youngest age, like a brain washing ! So we all have to unlearn what we were taught to succeed.

Here is an excerpt of Adam Hartung's post
"From the day we start kindergarten we fear the teacher's call to our parents saying, "Hello Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I'm sorry to tell you that Mary has been disruptive in class." We are taught, trained and indoctrinated to go along and get along, to not disrupt. In fact we're constantly told to seek harmony. But in business that can destroy your entire value."

That's the first paragraph from my Forbes.com column, posted today, "To Succeed You Must Seriously Disrupt." Companies that don't Disrupt remain Locked-in to Success Formulas with declining value until all hope is lost - just look at Sun Microsystems.

Read the whole post Disrupt to Succeed - Forbes and continue with the story To Succeed You Must Seriously Disrupt on forbes.com.

By the way, if you don't have already read Adam Hartung's book Create Marketplace Disruption, remind that time is ticking
and your competitors surely won't wait for you !... A book extract can be found in the post livre Create Marketplace Disruption - Adam Hartung : de la nécessité de l'innovation

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